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Solar Energy & Solar Thermal Installation

Power your home or business with renewable energy!

If you live in Albany, Greene County, Columbia County, or the Capital Region, we are your solar installer.

What Is Solar?

Solar electric or photovoltaic (fo-toe-vole-tay-ick), often abbreviated as PV is a technology that converts sunlight into electricity. This electricity can be used to power appliances such as fans and water pumps and can also be converted for use throughout your home or buisness.

How Does Solar work?

A PV systems system is a collection of many non-moving components with solar cells as its the building block. These solar cells qre wired together and housed in one or multiple units.

What About Solar Thermal?

Solar thermal can be used to provide 35% to 85% of your water heating needs by supplement your water heater, furnace, boiler, and can be used to heat your pool or spa.

These systems are affordable, cost effective and work with all types of heating systems. Most systems will save you more money on your energy bills than the original cost of the system in about 3 - 7 years.

We are an AEE solar dealer

AEE solar has been a solar product supplier for over 30 years. AEE solar supplies the most reliable and proven equipment which gives us the most extensive inventory in the industry with prices that are far below our competitors.

Why is Solar power a better choice then Wind?

D&M Alternative Energy has seen solar (PV) prove its self as the best option for the majority of our region. However, we do recognize that all renewable energy is a step in the right direction. When the sun is not shinning there is usually a storm coming and when a storm rolls in it brings stronger winds with it. This balance makes wind an excelent back-up for a solar (PV) powered home.

In most of the northeast wind power is not strong enough on its own. Exceptions to this include the tops of mountains and along the coast. Although technology is constantly improving , in order for most wind generators to provide electricity you must have 12-15 mph of constant, unobstructed wind that is free of turbulance casued by trees or other structures.

Pros :


  • Can be used anywhere the sun can be found
  • Extremely low, simple maintenance
  • Silent operation
  • No moving parts
  • Systems regularly last 30-50+ years
  • 15-30 year warranty on parts
  • 5 year warranty on labor
  • Can be operated unmonitored for extended periods
  • Predictable power output in all locations
  • Easier to install compared to wind generators
  • Systems tend to blend into your roof quite well


  • Lower initial cost
  • Can be used in shady areas

Cons :


  • Higher initial cost
  • May be impractical in shaded locations


  • Most locations have a poor wind resource
  • Towering can be expensive for larger systems
  • May require heavy equipment to erect
  • Power output can be unpredictable
  • Noise & ground vibrationin high winds
  • Moving parts eventually wear out
  • Only 3-5 year warranty on parts
  • Routine maintenance is required
  • Maintenance is expensive and difficult on top of a tower
  • Requires having a tower in your yard or on your roof


Most utilities in New York State charge their customers a small fee known as the (SBC) or system benefits charge. The money collected for this charge is used for funding an organization known as NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority). NYSERDA uses this money to give rebates to those purchasing solar electric systems also known as photovoltaic (PV) systems.

NYSERDA provides a cash rebate for the installation of PV systems. Generally, NYSERDA will cover approximately 40-45% of the installed cost of a PV system. All rebates are subject to approval by NYSERDA.

Please, contact us for more information on NYSERDA rebates or go to the NYSERDA website PowerNaturally.org.

For information on incentives and grants please visit DSIRE.org, The Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency.

Tax Credits

Both New York State and the federal government offer tax credits to those who install a PV system on their residence or buisness. Under The American recovery and reinvestment act section 1122, allows for a 30% credit of the cost of a renewable energy system on a resisdence. Buisness tax credits vary. New York State also offers a sales tax exemption of 4%. Each individual county in New York may also offer increased sales tax exemptions. Please, contact us for more information.

More information on tax credits can be found at the Energy Incentives for Businesses in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Web Site.

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